CFamily Build Wrapper with DesignWare ARC C/C++ Compiler

  • SonarQube 7.9, CFamily 6.x

When running the build-wrapper with a full build the json file is left basically empty. Since we are using an exotic compiler i am wondering if this is the reason for the issue? If so, is there a chance that support will be added in the future?
This is the info output of the Compiler:

DesignWare ARC C/C++ Compiler Q-2019.12
© Copyright 2013-2019 Synopsys Corporation
Driver Version: 2.03
Compiler Version: 8.0.1
Revision: (build 001) (LLVM 8.0.1)
Based on LLVM version: 8.0.1


Hello @petermbauer,

Unfortunately yes. DesignWare ARC C/C++ Compiler Q-2019.12 is not on the list of our supported compilers.


Thank you for the quick confirmation. Any chance this will be implemented in the near future?


Unfortunetly, no short term plan. I’ll keep you posted if anything change.