Support for the Texas Instrument TMS470 compiler

I’m evaluating Sonarqube and have setup the Sonarqube server version

I have the analysis working for:

  1. Visual Studio 2019 C++ projects
  2. Sourcery CodeBench version 2017.02-58 C++ projects using the Sourcery CodeBench Toolchain for Power EABI version 2016.11.52 compiler.

I’m now trying to get the analysis working for C projects that uses the Code Composer Studio version 2.21.00. This IDE is using the Texas Instrument TMS470 compiler. I’m able to build these projects from the command line and have wrapper that build procedure with the build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe as I did with the other projects above and the build does complete without any issue but I do notice that the content of the build-wrapper-dump.json file is “empty” (see below):

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This causes my sonar-scanner.bat command line to throw an exception with the message "The “build-wrapper-dump.json” file was found empty. Looking at this page , I think that the reason why the build-wrapper-dump.json file is empty is because the compiler is not supported but I wanted to confirm if this is the case or if I’m missing something.


Hi @johnpham,

could you give more details about the compiler? What is the executable name? Could you provide a link to the TI website? Thanks.

Hi Massimo,

This compiler is very old and is no longer available to the public from the TI website. I’ve uploaded the build-wrapper.txt file so that you can see the name of the executables involved in the build process and the compiler user manual to this link below:

While searching to see if this compiler is still available publicly, I came across this page which say that beginning with version 5.x, TI rebranded the “TI TMS470” to the “TI ARM” compiler.

This legacy project is currently using Code Composer Studio v2.21.00 (before TI switched to Eclipse as base IDE for Code Composer Studio). Code Composer Studio v2.21.00 comes with TMS470 version 2.24.


Hi @johnpham,

this compiler is currently not supported, I created a ticket to track your request:

If you want to analyze your code in the mean time you should try to use a supported compiler.