Can't get Sonar Lint to analyze my files

SonarLint plugin version
WebStorm version 2019.1.1
SonarQube version 6.3 (build 19869)

I have connected to the server and the configuration was fetched. I can set up each project selecting the correspondent key from the dropdown. But then, when I try to analyze a file (in any project from this Sonar Qube server) I get logs like this:

Trigger: ACTION
[Action] 1 file(s) submitted
No analysis configurator found
Using configuration of 'vocento.js.library:brightcove-plugin' in server 'Sonarqube Vocento'
Analysing 'index.js'...
Starting analysis with configuration:
  projectKey: vocento.js.library:brightcove-plugin
  baseDir: /home/dhalcojor/vocento/static.brightcove-plugin-skeleton
  workDir: /home/dhalcojor/vocento/static.brightcove-plugin-skeleton/.idea/sonarlint
  extraProperties: {}
  inputFiles: [
    file:///home/dhalcojor/vocento/static.brightcove-plugin-skeleton/src/index.js (UTF-8)

No language available
No analyzers installed
Start analysis
Index files
1 files indexed
Quality profiles:
Done in 9ms

Processed 0 issues in 0 ms
Found 0 issues

I have checked and the SonarQube server has languages and analyzers installed, so I don’t really know what the problem is.

Am I lacking some configuration?

At first we didn’t pay attention to this message, but this seems to be the problem:

We’ve already asked the infrastructure team to update the server’s plugins.

The plugins in the server were updated and now SonarLint works!

Which analyzers do you have installed in SonarQube? Maybe they aren’t compatible with SonarLint.

Yep, we think that might be the problem. When we first connected SonarLint with SonarCube we didn’t pay attention to this:

We’ve already asked the infrastructure team to update the plugins.

Ok, thanks for letting us know.

Can someone close this? Thank you!