Can't access imported projects

  • ALM used: Bitbucket Cloud
  • CI system used: Bitbucket Cloud
  • Languages of the repository: java

When we try to analyze a new project in a multi-org setup, one of the orgs shows most projects as imported with the checkbox disabled. Yet, if we try to follow the “See the project” link in that page, we keep getting redirected to login even though we are already logged in with bitbucket and owners and admins of the org. Can you please let us know what the issue is?

We had the same issue earlier in the day and we ended up deleting the org and recreating but to no avail.

Hey there.

I suspect that something has gone wrong with the Permission Template applied to these projects and while the projects are there you are missing permissions.

Let me suggest you look at the response on this thread and see if you are given the option to Restore Access to these projects, where you can then explore what permissions are being set by default.

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. These projects do not show under Projects Management. Only in the “analyze new project” page with checkbox disabled and the “See the project” link redirecting to login.

Thanks for the update @neophytos – I will reach out you privately for your organization key so we can take a look.

Hey @neophytos

You mentioned that you’re in a “multi-org” setup – does that mean you can access multiple organizations when you’re logged in? Have you checked Administration > Projects Management for each separate organization?

Hi, any update?

Hi @neophytos

I think you deleted some of your answers.
Can you reply to Colin’s question here?

A SonarCloud subscription can only be related to a single organisation.
If you have multiple orgs, you should have multiple subscription (for each org to be bound to a subscription).


Hi Carine,

I was under the impression I was replying in private. We don’t want our org key in the community forum. I already provided the info requested by Colin.

We do have multiple subscriptions (paid plans). Am I missing something?

  • Neophytos

If you replied to @Colin privately, then I let him come back to you when he has time to.

Have a nice weekend,

@neophytos and I were able to find the issue – a former organization (previously bound, now unbound) had projects created bound to the relevant repositories.

  • The workaround(s) include using that former organization, deleting the projects in that organization, or deleting that organization altogether
  • There is probably something to do (on our side) to make the experience better.

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