[BItbucket Cloud - SonarCloud integration] Error binding a bitbucket project to a sonarcloud organization that was migrated from an old bitbucket workspace and linked to an old sonarcloud organization

  • ALM used: Bitbucket Cloud

  • CI system used: Bitbucket Cloud

  • Error observed: The project’s status is “imported” in the configuration screen of the new SonarCloud organization but it doesn’t appear in the dashboard. In addition, the old bitbucket cloud organization appears as not bound to SonarCloud.

  • Steps to reproduce:

  1. Import project X from bitbucket workspace A to SonarCloud organization A.
  2. Migrate project X from bitbucket workspace A to bitbucket workspace B.
  3. Import project X from bitbucket workspace B to SonarCloud organization B.
  4. Uninstall SonarCloud app from bitbucket workspace A.

Hey there.

The project in the old organization (Workspace A) would need to be deleted from SonarCloud before it could be imported freshly in the new organization.

Hey Colin,

Thank you for the reply. The project from Bitbucket workspace A was deleted from SonarCloud before importing the project in bitbucket workspace B, as you commented. Also, the whole bitbucket workspace A was deleted.

Apologies for not specifying that step in the process.

Hey @victor.bonilla

Where are you taken if you see click See the project in the onboarding wizard?

Hi Colin,

Thank you for the support and apologies for the late response.

It’s finally solved, the issue was that after removing the original organization in SonarCloud, it was assigned to another member of the organization and I weren’t aware of this automatic action. I removed again and it worked fine.

King regards.