Cannot setup organization with multiple owners

I am an admin of and I am trying to add this organization. However, it keeps asking me for a login. While checking the requests, I see this:

{“errors”:[{“msg”:“User is not admin of the ALM organization”}]}

However, I just double checked and am part of the “owners” group in GitHub. Note that this is the first organization where there are multiple owners (the other ones I added so far only have a single owner (me)).

Anything specific I need to do?

Hi @GeertvanHorrik,

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Could you detail the steps you took to add the organization ?


  1. Login using a GitHub account
  2. Plus button => Create new organization
  3. Choose organization on GitHub
  4. Select WildGums (app already installed, so I hit Configure)
  5. Select all repositories (or specific ones, doesn’t really matter) => save
  6. I am redirected back to SonarCloud, but then it requires me to login again

I have inspected the requests via Edge (chromium), and get this error message:

The response is:

{“errors”:[{“msg”:“User is not admin of the ALM organization”}]}

I am 1 of the 2 owners in the GitHub organization. Note that, due to alphabetically ordering, I am the 2nd in the list. Maybe that makes the difference?


Can you try to uninstall the GitHub app and then retry exactly what you did from step 2 please?


  1. Uninstalled the app
  2. Gave access to all repositories => install

Same issue, different installation id:

{“errors”:[{“msg”:“User is not admin of the ALM organization”}]}

Thanks for trying.

That shouldn’t make any difference. We’ll investigate further and come back to you!

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Any updates on this? Our trial for the self-hosted version (which we used to evaluate the branches feature) has expired and we want to move to the cloud, but this is blocking us.