Importing GitHub Organization stuck in continuous loop

I am trying to setup a new SonarCloud account with GitHub. When I start importing an existing GitHub organization, it is stuck in a continuous loop. Here are the details:

I start at this screen:

Clicking ‘Choose an organization in GitHub’ takes me to the GitHub SonarCloud App integration screens and I allow all repositories for my company’s organization and complete the SonarCloud app integration on GitHub. It then comes back to the below screen:


Selecting ‘With GitHub’ takes me to this screen:


Within a couple of seconds it again lands in the previous screen to Log In. Clicking again on ‘With GitHub’ repeats this cycle. This goes on in an endless loop.

I am already logged in to both GitHub and SonarCloud before starting the entire process and I have ‘owner’ rights in the GitHub organization I am trying to import.

BTW, the import works for my personal organization. It fails only for my work organization. Any suggestion to troubleshoot this further will be appreciated.

New Topic Template:

  • ALM used:GitHub
  • CI system used: Jenkins (none configured yet, stuck in organization setup)
  • Scanner command used when applicable: Not Applicable at this point
  • Languages of the repository: Not Applicable at this point
  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL: Not Applicable at this point
  • Error observed: See above
  • Steps to reproduce: See above
  • Potential workaround: None found yet.

It looks like SonarCloud returns a 401 unauthorized response for the following request which happens right after GitHub app installation step. This is probably why I am thrown back to login page as described above.


{"errors":[{"msg":"User is not admin of the ALM organization"}]}

I am already logged into both GitHub and SonarCloud before starting the process and I have owner rights in the Github organization. A bug somewhere?

This was resolved by having another owner of the GitHub organization sign up on SonarCloud.

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