Cannot login using my Azure DevOps account - getting internal server error

When logging in using Azure DevOps - consistently getting internal server error.

I’m seeing exactly the same - I can login with a GitHub account to a different organisation just fine, but DevOps repeatedly fails. I’ve cleared cookies/LocalStorage/etc, and repeated many times.

Exactly the same!!! No idea whom to contact. It is definitely problem on their side.

I have the same problem logging into my organisation via my GitHub account also.
I’m guessing it’s a more widespread issue on their end. When I’m logged in and try to hit one of my projects directly I just get the “Loading SonarCloud” spinner forever. If I hit directly I get a HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error.

Hello. I would ask to check again and if the error persist please tell me exactly the date and time it happened. Thanks.

Update: we found an issue on our side and are providing a fix soon. Please keep in touch at this topic for further information. We apologize for this and thanks for reporting the problem!

Status Page:

Here is the incident:

We have fixed the issue. Please try again and report any issue here. Thanks for understanding!


Seems good now, thanks.

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Working fine now.
Do we know the root cause? Did this also affect user synchronisation from GitHub?

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Thanks for the feedback @tsposato. Yes, it was a bug on our side and is not related to synchronization with GitHub.

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