Can not login to SonarCloud Portal with GitHub Credentials

I have a problem logging into my organisation on SonarCloud via my GitHub account.
I have tried deleting cookies/browsing history, incognito window, different browsers/machines etc.
When I’m logged in and try to hit one of my projects directly I just get the “Loading SonarCloud” spinner forever and nothing ever loads. If I hit directly I get a HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error.

Other users in my organisation can login using their GitHub credentials so there must be something to do with my specific GitHub account?

Can this be looked into a.s.a.p as it is impeding the ability for me to do my job.

Hello @tsposato, could you please check if it is working now? If not, please provide with exact date and time the error happened.

Update: we found an issue on our side and will open an incident. Let’s track the status at this topic, so the others can also be updated. We apologize an thanks for understanding!