Cannot access Applications in 8.6.0 Developer Edition (also Docs say EE is required)

Upgraded to * Developer Edition * Version 8.6 (build 39681) today and was planning to leverage Applications (see section titled Project aggregation comes to Developer Edition).

The online docs at say that enterprise edition is required, which contradicts the release notes but maybe it is still true and the release notes are incorrect. Anyway, the docs say " Applications are created and edited in the global Portfolio administration interface: Administration > Configuration > Portfolios" but there is no such screen or any other screen that I can find to define a new application. I am logged in as the admin user.

The only place I saw references to Applications was under Administration > Projects > Management because the drop down let me toggle between Projects and Applications. But the is no button to create new Applications on that screen, only a button to create a new Project.

Do I have to edit something in to enable this functionality? If so, seems that should be mentioned in the upgrade guide.

Hi @andrew-garland,

You’re correct; there are a couple of updates required to the documentation to make it clear that Applications are offered from Developer Edition; we’re hoping to take care of that for the next SonarQube release.

To create an Application, you can use the + menu in the top right corner of any SonarQube page. If you have the global “Create Applications” permission (which you will by default as the Admin user) you should see an option to create an application:


Once created, you can administer the Application by finding it in the Projects page and using the Application Settings menu.



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