Can you downgrade from one edition to another now that the binary packages are separate?

I am working on a pilot deployment of SonarQube and want to pilot the Developer edition. I know I need a trial license to do that and am happy to get that; however, if we do not move forward with the Developer edition, can I simply downgrade to the Community edition by swapping out the installation directory?

Full disclosure, I’ve tried this already with mixed results. In my first attempt once I downgraded to Community edition sonarqube failed to start due to some plugin errors. To resolve I had to dump my extensions volume. In a subsequent attempt; however, I was able to downgrade to Community edition seemingly with no issues, so I’m not sure what to make of that.

I do wish this was the same binary package between editions and could just be alternated by switching out the licenses.


It sounds like maybe you weren’t working from a simple expansion of the zip, which is mostly how this is intended to work (okay, there’s actually configuration to point ES to a different volume, but…)

The fact that you had problems with your downgrade was because you (apparently) retained plugins from the commercial edition. If you start from the plugins in the Community Edition and add back in any plugins you added manually to the Developer Edition, you should be fine.


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