Downgrade Sonar Enterprise to Community

Hi, we are using SonarQube 6.7.033 Enterprise Edition.

We are looking for downgrading version to Community Edition but before that we wanna be sure that this version will work on our pipelines without breaking something.

I need to check my instance with community edition. The question is:

Can I start a Snapshot of my sonar enterprise and downgrade that instance for testing without downgrading my original instance? Or how can I test it.

I already did it locally but with another instance created from zero.


These previously-answered threads should help:



and what about the downgrade button on the admin panel of my enterprise sonar instance? Its necessary to create another different instance? Or just clicking that button I can downgrade it to Community Edition?

Another question, where can i find the same version of sonar that i have. I have 6.7.033. Downloads section only have 6.6 and then it jumps to 6.7.7


If you’re making changes, you should really be upgrading to 7.9.1, the current LTS. If you really want to stay on the previous soon-to-be-entirely-unsupported LTS, then you should be able to accomplish what you want by simply removing the commercial plugins from your installation. Start by pulling license first and the error messages at startup will help you find the rest.


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