Can we go back to community after trial license expire if we are not satisfied?

Sonarqube community edition 7.7
Sonarqube scanner 3.3
Installed on a company server

** what are you trying to achieve **
I would like to test the branch features of sonarqube developer edition. I guess we will be happy with that.

the only point is… what happens if we see that it does not fit our expectations ? Can we just go back to community edition by “removing the trial license” and everything will works as before ?

I would like to avoid having to install a second sonarqube instance if possible as i’m pretty sure we will go for developer edition but just in case we don’t want what happens ?

Thank you in advance for your response


Yes, of course you can go back to community in the (unlikely :wink:) event you decide you don’t like developer edition. The downgrade process is just like the upgrade process: shut down the DE server and spin your CE server back up (presumably you left it in place during the trial and it still points to your database).