Can the Compute Engine PendingTime and ErrorCount metrics be exposed via prometheus?

We’re running SonarQube 9.5 (soon to be 9.6) and are looking at making use of the built-in Prometheus metrics.

We’d like to set up monitoring and alerting based on the Compute Engine PendingTasks, PendingTime and ErrorCount metrics that are described here.

The only one of the above metrics that is available, though, appears to be


Is there any chance the other two can be added?

Hi @testworksau,

you’re right and thanks for your suggestion. At the moment, we do only expose the following metrics at api/monitoring/metrics. I’ve actually opened a ticket about it, we’ll evaluate possible additions to the prometheus metrics in that context.

# sonarqube_compute_engine_tasks_running_duration_seconds Compute engine task running time in seconds
# sonarqube_compute_engine_pending_tasks_total Number of tasks at given point of time that were pending in the Compute Engine queue [SHARED, same value for every SonarQube instance]
# sonarqube_compute_engine_tasks_running_duration_seconds_created Compute engine task running time in seconds

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