SonarQube 7.7 Missing Compute Engine JMX mBean

  • Version Enterprise Edition

We are currently using JMX mbeans to monitor our service, and outputting them onto our SignalFX dashboard. The documentation says that we should be able to find the ComputeEngineTasks MBean with attributes such as Processing time, success count, etc., but we are unable to find it. When we dumped out all our MBeans, the only SonarQube mbeans we found were:
How can we get the ComputeEngineTasks MBean to show up?

Just adding more information to our problem, but when we dump all the metrics being monitored by the SonarQube:name=AsyncExecution, we only get this:
“WorkerCount” : 0,
“LargestWorkerCount” : 0,
“QueueSize” : 0
I’m assuming that these numbers are not right, and would like to get these correct values as well for our SignalFX dashboard.


You are looking at the MBeans exposed by the WebServer process.

You will find the documented MBeans on the Compute Engine Java process.




Yes, you were right! As soon as we exposed the MBean for the Compute Engine process in the file, we were able to see all the metrics for it. Thanks a lot!!!