BUG?!: Custom Rules Not Applied

The version we are using is SonarQube 8.9.6

We are trying to change the depth of closure rules from 2 to 3 allowed but the change has no effect

FYI, We cannot upgrade the version yet but just wanna report this in case if this issue not fixed in the newer version of SonarQube



Are you sure the Amrock Way profile was used in the most recent analysis of that profile?

Parameter value changes aren’t going to kick in immediately after a change in the UI, BTW. But only at the next analysis following the change.

Does that help?


Yeah, there has been a build since the change

And are you sure that your custom profile was used in that analysis? The Project Information slideout will tell you:


Yeah I think we are using the correct one
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Thanks for checking, and thanks for the report. It looks like this is fixed in recent versions:

SONARSWIFT-486 - Fix regression: should be possible to use non-default rule parameters