Adding Custom rules for Swift plugin

Hi Team,
Am using SonarQube version-7.8 , SonarScanner Version- , Sonar-swift-plugin version-0.4.5
Problem Statement: I wanted to add new custom rules into Sonar.
Steps I followed:
Option 1: I tried changing the rules by extracting the plugin.
Option 2: Extracted the Quality profile added new rules and put back that profile and restart the Sonar server.
But changes were not reflecting in the server.
Could someone help me on this.
Thanks in Advance.


Welcome to the community!

The docs show which languages support custom rules. Alternately, you can write your rules outside SonarQube, run your external tool before analysis and import the results as external issues. What’s the difference? There are a couple:

  • Whether your rules run as part of analysis or before it
  • Whether you manage which rules are run in SonarQube
  • How much functionality is available in SonarQube to manage the resulting issues.


Thank you Ann for the response.

I have referred the Docs earlier too.We need specific to Swift language and we use Swiftlint with version 0.34.0 as a linter.

Thanks in Advance.