Rule in new Sonar Profile gets ignored - Sonar Way default rule is used

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  • Version 8.9.1 (build 44547)
  • Use a rule in a new quality profile
  • I created a new Quality Profile (out of Sonar Way) and updated the regex of the rule Function names should comply with a naming convention. The quality profile is assigned to the project, the rule is activated but after an analysis I still get a Code Smell because the Sonar Way rule is used (can be seen by the regex that is used)

Hey there.

Thanks for tagging #swift or we could have been scratching our heads for a while :laughing:

There is a regression in our Swift analyzer (SONARSWIFT-486) that prevents non-default rule parameters from being used.

We’ve known about this bug for a little while now and I’m a little surprised to not see movement on it. I’ll ping internally – for now, unfortunately there’s no workaround.

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Hey, thanks for the fast response. Since we use other languages without problems, I thought tagging #swift would maybe help in some way.

I am looking forward to an update!

Hello, in what version of Sonarqube is the Sonar Swift version mentioned in the closed issue (4.3.2). It does not seem part of LTS 8.9.1 or am I mistaken?

Hey there.

It was embedded in SonarQube v9.1. The latest version of SonarQube is v9.4.

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