Custom rules not working after upgrade 796LTS through 8.0 to 896LTS

after migrate sonarqube from 7.9.6LTS to 8.0 everything worked file. After that we upgraded to 8.9.6 (log4j issue ) the sonarscanner does not anymore analyze with our plsql rule installed in de extensions/plugins directory. Under rules—> Languages i see all rules , but in the quality-profiles the rules do not appear.
Is there an issue with backend or the or sonar.path.temp ?
Any help welcome.

Hi Christian,

If you can see the rules in the list, then your plugin has been successfully loaded. When you say the rules don’t appear in the quality profile, are you talking about the built-in “Sonar Way” quality profile, or a custom quality profile you created?
If you are talking about a custom quality profile, can you add the rules back in your quality profile?

Was your custom rule plugin trying to register a quality profile using the ProfileDefinition extension point?

Hi Julien,
we managed to solve de issue by reenable them. I don’t know why they were disabled, but they work fine now. Thanks anyway for your time.