Bring back governance :(

Im stuck with an old version of Sonar because current dashboards are useless.

Yes there are more posts like this, and more posts will help.

I really miss the old cross projects dashboards, time machine and widgets.

I understand you need to make profits, but now it is just crap sonarqube if you compare it to the old versions.


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I understand your frustration that SonarSource decisions removed features you have come to rely on. At the same time, I feel it would be more constructive to list the use cases and needs you feel aren’t met by the current offerings. It’s possible that you’ll find many of the needs are already (still) being met in the redesigned interface.

For instance, you can view multiple projects at once on the global Projects page (a la cross-project dashboards). You can see history graphs in the project-level Activity page (formerly time machine), and the metric treemap charts that were once presented in widgets are now available in the project measures page. I invite you to explore the current offering on, which is where we dogfood features before release, and let us know what you still find to be missing.

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The global Projects page is not even close to Sonar used to offer. No possibility to build a dashboard with it, no widgets, no page to clearly visualize differences between projects in a single view. I’m sorry but that is barely useful if I have time and patience to go through it. It used to be waaaaaaay better, and Ill keep using the old one.

The list you just sent me, it is a clear case of how useless and just a cumulative board of data this project view is.

Again, the Activity page is useful if I want to go investigating metrics 1 by 1. We used to have widgets that showed much better history of the projects, a much richer interface.

It is dissapointing to see such a fundamental tool in software development going down like this and loosing it’s place to alternatives that are not even close to what this used to be.

If you need a list, just bring back the dashboards with everything they had, that is a good start.
Thanks for your reply.

Can you bring back the governance part, and look how to profit with other stuff?


Could you clarify what you mean by “governance stuff”?