BitBucket widget not displayed when using Edge

Further to this, viewing the Bitbucket Pull Request in Chrome, the addon shows “Not analyzed on SonarCloud yet…” rather than a blank space when viewing the page in Edge. Looks like there is also a bug in the addon within Edge when rendering the status.

I can confirm a display issue in Edge, when using chrome the quality gate shows correctly:
But in Edge, this is blank:
With no obvious errors in the console logs.

In the above instance, the working project is a single project and not a mono-repo project and the widget url returns a 200 response with branch data - so appears to be a javascript/rendering issue as well - happy to split this into a different bug

Hello John,

When using Edge, you said there is not obvious js errors in the console, so I take it there are some that might not be straightforward to understand ? Could you still share those errors here ?

Also when trying make sure you disable any plugin or ad block you might have, to make it easier to pin point the issue. We already know that widgets sometimes doesn’t show up with some ad blocks.

Hi Gregoire, you are correct the ad blocker is preventing it showing.

For reference, in my case it is the class name “pr-widget” which is blocked by the “easylist” ruleset ( Not sure if it possible to rename the class to something more unique, which would solve the ad block issue.

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