BitBucket SonarCloud Settings Not Available

I’ve setup my BitBucket repository in SonarCloud through the assistant and when I go in BitBucket to setup the configuration, they are not available.

Essentially, the following link is dead for a handful of projects that I setup in SonarCloud.

I need to access this link to setup the repository overview widget.

Can you clarify what you get when you go on that SonarCloud admin page? If you don’t see anything, can you open the developer tools in your browser and check if you get errors from SonarCloud resources when the page loads?

Hi @Fabrice_Bellingard, right now when I open up the settings for a repository, the SonarCloud setting link is just not there.

Here’s what I expect to see that isn’t there:

So, I tried to open the link I mentioned in my previous post, but I just get a 404 (without any error in the developer consol).

If you don’t see the “SonarCloud > Settings” menu, this clearly means that the SonarCloud add-on is not installed on the team this repo belongs to.

I would love it to be that simple. Unfortunately, I only have one Team and multiple Repository for that team. Some of those repositories has it, others don’t, and I have yet to find a pattern that would tell me what would be causing this.

At first I thought that it was because I provision the project in SonarCloud through the API, so I went on deleting all my project and creating them manually through the BitBucket project setup wizard.
That didn’t help.

Hi @jbratte, the only condition we have in the app descriptor for this “Settings” menu entry is to have the “admin” permission. Maybe you don’t have admin rights on those repositories?

I am a Team Admin, which I assumed would be enough to manipulate all the settings.

I added myself to the administrator using the repo specific permissions and then I was able to see the Settings link.

May I suggest to display the link for team administrators too.

Yeah, I think it make sense. I will create a ticket on our side, and we will conduct some tests to be sure there is no blocker issue.

Thanks for reporting.

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