Bitbucket Pull Request Widget not loading Data

Hi, we are getting an issue with the Bitbucket widget not working for Pull Requests and I’m wondering if it is because we are using a mono-repo with multiple projects in the PR?
The space where the widget should appear is blank - see below:
and in the network traffic I can see a 404 error being returned by Sonar for the data:

The PR exists in Sonar for each “sub-project” in the MonoRepo:

I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the app in Bitbucket as mentioned on other tickets without success

Any suggestions

Hi @John_Lister ,
Could you clarify this sentence please?

Hi Christophe, I raised a separate bug after discovering it works when not using a mono-repo setup: BitBucket code quality Widget in Pull Request fails with 404 - Report a bug - SonarSource Community

This can be closed as I understand a fix is now in the works

Good to hear, thanks for the reply :wink:

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