BitBucket + GutHub Integration

  • ALM used: GitHub (public), Bitbucket Cloud (private)
  • CI system used: Bitbucket Cloud

We have paid Sonar Cloud account which is already integrated I to our paid BitBucket cloud account for our private projects.

We recently released a few public open source projects on GitHub. I’m not seeing a way to add our GitHub projects to the existing Sonar Cloud account. Is that possible or am I going to need to set up a separate account to manage the public open source project from GutHub? I’d love to be able to manage everything under 1 sonar account. Any advise or insight would be appreciated.

Hi @Rob_Blackburn and welcome to the community !

I’m afraid, currently, the only solution is to create a new GitHub account with a new organization. But as these are public projects, it’s completely free !


Thank you @mickaelcaro
That’s what I suspected. I figured I’d double check before I went and made a new account and went through all the trouble of setting it up.

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