We want to use Sonar Cloud for a private stash repository

(Kevin Daly) #1

Our company is interested in using SonarCloud for a private stash project.

  1. Our developers don’t have GitHub Accounts, how would this work.
  2. We use stash / not github or bitbucket.

Need advice on how best to set this up.

(Adam Gabryś) #2

Bitbucket and Stash is the same product. Copied from Bitbucket rebrand FAQ:

  • Bitbucket Server (previously known as Stash) fits into any enterprise environment because it can be deployed within existing infrastructure or on hosted infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services.
(Fabrice Bellingard) #3

Yes, Stash is now Bitbucket Server, an on-premise solution. SonarCloud is not designed to work with on-premise solutions. Instead, SonarCloud targets Bitbucket Cloud.