BitBucket for pull request doesn’t show the Code Quality badge

Private Repositories
Code Quality works over BitBucket pipelines.

This week we experiencing the issue with BitBucket Pull Requests.
Sonar Code Quality doesn’t show the badge for PRs.

Request to{676feb44-2c5b-49e9-9754-069d0b3d6d87}&jwt=[jwt-token]

Gives status code 404

Is this a BitBucket issue?

Hello @Irineu_Ruiz,

We recently made a change to the Bitbucket widget and the URL which you shared is missing a new parameter called “branch”. Could you please clear your browser cache and let me know if it works?


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Hi @Peter_Horvath,
I cleared the cache and reloaded the PR page and the same 404 error continued when calling pr_widget_data

I also tried it in an anonymous window and the same problem occurred.
This is happening in all pull requests that we have

I don’t know if this information helps, but the repo_widget_data on the main repository page is working

Hi @Irineu_Ruiz,

Can you please let us know if this is a public project? Does it work for any other member of your organization?


Hi @Peter_Horvath
It is a private project from our company and doesn’t work for all of us

Hi @Peter_Horvath,
Any news about this problem?
The widget stopped working over a week ago…

Hi @Irineu_Ruiz,

I reached out to you in a private message where we can discuss more in detail about your issue. Even though the PR widget is not displaying the result to you, you can still see the result of your analysis on


Ok @Peter_Horvath ,

I answered you via email.

The issue has been solved by reinstalling the SonarCloud Bitbucket app in the respective workspace. You can reinstall the app by going to Bitbucket → Settings → Installed apps, remove the SonarCloud app and then add it again through the Marketplace.