BitBucket for pull request doesn't show the Code Quality badge

  • SonarCloud
  • Private Repositories
  • Code Quality works over BitBucket pipelines.

Last 2 weeks we experiencing the issue with BitBucket Pull Requests.
Sonar Code Quality doesn’t show the badge for PRs.

Shown the Console log.
Is this BitBucket issue?

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We have the same problem. The BitBucket support team was unable to solve and answered:

" Sandeep Khandelwal commented:

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us with your issue.

Unfortunately, this add-on is not supported by us as per the add-on support information here.

We, Atlassian, do not have the ability to modify any aspect of a third party integration which we do not own. We provide the means to develop third party applications and add-ons through our API ( but we do not own the outcomes of what comes out of it, the API is provided “AS IS”, per our terms of service.

I would suggest you reach out to SonarCloud community on this issue at:

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any additional questions.



Same problem for us as well. All integration between Bitbucket and Sonarcloud is broken atm. PR widget, repository widget, even repository settings!

Thanks for reporting this issue, we are aware of it and are currently validating a fix in our staging environment. You can expect a fix for tomorrow morning.
You can follow the progress on this ticket: SCCOMM-1

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The incident has been closed and the issue is fixed, you should be able to see the Bitbucket integration again.

Thanks! Confirms - work as expected. Appreciate for quickly solution.