AzD same Sonar Task works in GUI, but doesn't work in YAML

I have a SonarCube task in my build pipeline, and the problem is - that in GUI mode everything works fine, but in YAML pipeline format this task throw an error. The step log is in attached file.
I can provide any information for helper.

sonar_error_log.txt (17.1 KB)

Hi @Dmitry_Skrotski ,

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To use the property “” and analyze branches, Developer Edition or above is required. See for more information.

from the log you provided it looks like you are running a sonarqube 7.9.2 server with the community edition and you try to use branch analyzes, which is a feature that is only available in our commercial editions

hope that helps

Hello Tobias.
I didn’t specify “” in task. But i can say that i created this yaml pipeline in feature/branch and try to start it from this branch, to analyze code in this particular branch

hmm okay i think this was already reported in this community thread. when you are not on the main branch using a yml config it is assumed that you want to analyze this branch, so the property is set here. in the thread i linked is a workaround for this issue

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Thank you so much, Tobias!

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