Analyzing Multiple solution files in different locations

I am Using Sonarqube9.9 Lts Enterprise version, I have a existing codebase for dotnet framework. It contains multiple solution files in different locations. I want to analyze all the solution files to be analyzed and the scan results should be shown in a single sonarqube Project.

For example
I have a folder ‘xyz’,
and in the xyz folder there are a,b,c,d folders and inside each folder i have multiple solution files.
So What i want is all solution files from a,b,c,d should get scanned and show results in a single sonarqube project.

Currently What i am doing is going into a particular folder named ‘a’ and executing the Begin command
Build Solution file 1
Build solution file 2
—on so on
End command

I suppose you just need to go up a directory (to xyz) and do the same thing, specifying the folder in the path to the solution file.

xyz ← execute begin step
build a/solutionfile1.sln
build a/solutionfile2.sln
build b/solutionfile1.sln
end command

Thanks for the reply, Highly Appreciated.

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