How to analyze both .Net (C# Solution file ) and Front end Javascript code

I am Using Sonarqube9.9 Lts Enterprise version, I have a existing codebase for dotnet framework. It contains multiple solution files in different locations.
I scaned all the solution files by specifying the path to the particular location file.

For example
I have a folder ‘xyz’,
and in the xyz folder there are a,b,c,d folders and inside each folder i have multiple solution files.
And there is another folder called packages which has all the javascript files for front end.

And what i need is both c# solution files and Javascript files should be analyzed and i want to see the report in a single project for both of them combinedly.

Currently What i am doing is xyz ← execute begin step
build a/solutionfile1.sln
build a/solutionfile2.sln
build b/solutionfile1.sln
end command


The docs should help.


Hi, Ann
I read the document, But i am not understanding how to analyze a .js file which is not present in any solution file.
I have 100 of .js files in other folder rather than in a solution file how to analyze them.

i cannot use Begin, Build , End commands for them as there are not in solution file


Is yours an SDK-style project?

If not, you’ll need to reference the files in your .proj file.