Best ways to scan a.NET a solution with multiple applications


(Gerardo Rosiles) #1

I have a .NET solution with multiple projects. Everything gets build from the top .sln file. I am running with sonarscanner.MSBuild programs. MSBuild builds the complete solution with no issues.

SonarQube is only showing a very small subset of the source code and many of the projects are totally ignored.

Is it possible to process the complete solution as is, i.e. with a single .sln file ? Any suggestions are appreciated.


(Colin Mueller) #2


This pattern should work as expected.

Which version of SonarQube Scanner for MSBuild are you using? And just to make sure: versions of SonarQube, relevant analyzer plugins and MSBuild.

Is there anything unique about the projects that aren’t being displayed? Does the project name contain the word “Test” or are they filled with autogenerated code?

Providing the logs would also be helpful, with verbose logging turned on (/d:sonar.verbose=true)


(Gerardo Rosiles) #3


Thanks for your reply.

We are using MSbuild 15.0 and sonar-scanner-msbuild-

I checked with customer, but I can’t share logs in public forums that show filenames and paths…



(Colin Mueller) #4


I’d be remiss if I didn’t reccomend upgrading your scanner to 4.3.1 and seeing the problem persists. The download is available here. Without more information/logs I can’t diagnose if anything you’re experiencing looks like something mentioned in the changelogs.You can always redact information if necessary, should you want to provide logs.