Scanning multiple solutions in Azure DevOps

  • Azure devops sonarscanner 4.1, sonarqube server 8.3 installed on a local vm
  • I have multiple dotnet core solutions in the same repo. I want to scan them all at the same time so that I get all the code scanned at once in the project on sonarqube server
  • First I tried building all the solutions and related csproj at onec using dotnet build (csproj had GUID added). Then I tried building seperately in the same job.

Either way, it doesnt scan all source files.
However when I create a build pipeline which builds and scan solely one solution, it scans all the projects and files included in that solution.

Hi @lukescerri and welcome to the community !

First, out of curiosity, what is the specific use case that you have that lead to have only one SonarQube project for multiple .NET solutions ?

Second, if you run the Run Code analysis task in debug mode, what does say the dump of the in the log ? Is there any specific project that is missing ?


Hi Mickael,
They are all projects referenced by multiple solutions with projects referencing each other.
But it’s working properly now.
I built the main .sln only and it scans perfectly.

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