Analyze project without buildWrapper tool

Hello, I’m using Sonar Version, and I want to analyze C and C++ code.
We passed to this version lately, and we found out that we must to run buildWrapper to get some results.

We want to use the sonar tool without using buildWrapper, can it be done ?

Nope! The build wrapper is required to scan C/C++ as of SonarCFamily v6.0.0, and the previous workaround to bypass this was long deprecated before being removed. Use of the build wrapper has always been required for accurate results, now it is required for any results.



Thanks a lot.
So I need to build it in my environment and then run sonar tool over it ?
Or I can build my project in remote host, then copy the output directory to another host, and run the tool ?

I would suggest checking out the appropriate documentation for the machine you’re building on: For example, here’s the docs on Building on Linux.