Scan the C++ code without using build wrapper or without build the source code

Hello Team, We are using SonarQube Developer Edition (Version- on our Linux VM to analyze the C++ and java project.
when I try to analyze the C++ source code through sonar-scanner CLI its giving the error message of ‘build-wrapper-dump.json not found’.
We can’t build the source code on Linux VM because our source code can build only on AIX environment(due to dependency issue) and also we can’t use Sonar scanner on AIX server(Unsupported on AIX).
Can we bypass the build-wrapper and scan our C++ source code without executing the build-wrapper.

I can scan and get the sonar analysis report of our C++ source code with community version without using build wrapper.

Is it mandatory to use build wrapper to scan the C++ source code or use can we use lower version (7.XX) so that we can analyze our C++ project without using build wrapper.

Please suggest !


Hi @dethakur ,

It is required to build the project in order to analyze the source code. The analyzer must run in the same environment as the build environment, in order to allow the analyzer to access all the dependencies and run a precise analysis.

Thanks for your answer, but we are using AIX environment to build our C++ source code and according to sonar documentation, Sonar does not support on AIX.

Hi @dethakur ,

we indeed do not support AIX. Aren’t you able to do cross-compilation or compile it on x86_64?

We can compile the source code only on AIX server. I have tried to compile it on Linux but not succeed could you please suggest another way to scan the code without build it.

Can we analyze the source code on AIX?

Hi @dethakur ,

Unfortunately it is currently not possible, as stated in the documentation the supported runtimes are:

Supported Runtime Environments

  • Microsoft Windows on x86-64
  • Linux on x86-64
  • macOS with version 10.14.3 and later on x86-64