Cpp and C analyse code without compilation

Actually in my company we got a server to analyse code of many different languages, among them there are cpp and c.
So, We have a server that makes the code checkout and then submit to sonar server by using Apache Ant and a plugin java sonar, moreover all the code inspections are make in this server.
We actually got success with java, C#, xml and others, but we sucked in C++ and C languages. Ive read loads of posts and all of them says to use the build-wrapper. the downside of using build-wrapper is that the compilation is necessary. I cant compile c and c++ on this server due to it does not have dependencies and compilers to get it.
Is it possible to analyse C and C++ without compile them?

There are many posts saying to use the build-wrapper because it’s required, simple as that.

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Hi @Eduardo_Marim,

we do require compilation prior to analysis because in order to provide a precise analysis we need dependencies, if you cannot compile the project on your machine we would not be able to provide a good analysis.