Analysis for react native .tsx file seems to not work


We try to analyse a react native github repo , with the automatic feature of sonarcloud. At the end of scan it detects only .js file , but not the .tsx…

Here some screenshot : Code - Xpedigo-Warehouses -...

Any idea?

Thank you.

Hey there.

Can you share a copy of the tsconfig.json sitting in your repo?

Hi Colin,

Sure :

  "extends": "expo/tsconfig.base",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "strict": true


Hey there.


I suppose expo/tsconfig.base comes from a package that is installed during your typical build process and doesn’t exist in your GitHub repository?

If that’s the case – you’re probably running into the following issue (and the workarounds mentioned are the same)

Thank you @Colin , works like a charm.

Have a good day.

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