Project is not analysed as there is no code but actually there is

Have a look at

it says The main branch has no lines of code. but have a look GitHub - asyncapi/cli: CLI to work with your AsyncAPI files. You can validate them and in the futu

and default branch is master so all should be good.

Thanks in advance

Hey there.

When I analyze your code manually, I find the error causing your files not to be parsed.

ERROR: File '@sindresorhus/tsconfig' not found.

It looks like you’re facing the same issue posted here (and the potential workarounds are the same)

Hi. Sorry but I don’t really know what is the workaround. Like should I switch to GitHub Actions to call sonarcloudn or? tsconfig is there in the repo, and proper dev dependency is also available

Hey @derberg

There is a tsconfig in the repo… which is extending from another tsconfig file that’s only available once an npm install is run.

	"extends": "@sindresorhus/tsconfig",

SonarCloud will not run this npm install for you when using Automatic Analysis, so witching to GitHub actions (where SonarCloud analysis is run after you’ve fetched all the dependencies) is probably the best option.