Allow avoiding PR decoration for non-failing quality gates

Hi there,
We would like to ask if it could be taken in consideration to avoid making the PR decoration when the quality gate is passing.

The reasoning behind this is that some of our developers are a bit frustrated by getting the PR decoration messages when there isn’t anything actionable from their side as we use the quality gates to determine if a PR is acceptable or not, and as long as the quality gate passes there shouldn’t be any action needed.

I’ve checked the docs and I couldn’t find any way to achieve this

Hello @aexvir,

This does not seem a very good idea because you (and the ALM) would no be able to distinguish the case where the decoration is not there because the quality gate passed and the case where the decoration (of a failed quality gate) could not happen because of some sort of error (scanner failure (PR is not even analysed), integration problem between SonarQube and ALM that prevents decoration, connectivity problems… you name it)

It is not that intrusive and developers should find it rewarding that the PR is decorated with a green QG !


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