Sonarqube PR decorations to github is not posting few measurements if the quality gate is failed


SonarQube - Developer Edition Version 9.4 (self hosted)
Scanner - sonar-maven-plugin 3.9.1
CI/CD tool - CircleCI

Have created PR decoration on github from SonarQube.

Document followed - GitHub Enterprise and

I was able to see the decorations getting pushed to github and able to see all the measurements on the PR where the QualityGate has passed.\

For the PR’s which has QualityGate status is failed, measurements such as Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, Code Smells are not seen.

1. How to get all the measurements similar to the passed one?

Attaching screenshots for reference,

Also I wasn’t able to see any of the annotations/comments made by sonarqube in GitHub. Looking for something similar like,

2. How to get the annotations/comments in github?

Saravana Kumar.

Hi Saravana,

To make sure I understand, you’re saying you want to see the Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, Code Smells, Coverage, and Duplications numbers when the Quality Gate is failing, even if they’re not part of what’s making it fail?

Our approach is that when the Quality Gate is failing, you’re told what the failing conditions are because that’s the most important information. It really doesn’t matter - we assumed - how many E.G. Code Smells you have in this context if they’re not causing the Quality Gate to fail. And in fact, the thinking is, that it would be confusing to present “okay” numbers alongside failing Quality Gate conditions.