Unhelpful "Quality Gate has FAILED" message without decoration in non-PR context

The github action waiting for the quality gate to pass or fail (SonarQube Quality Gate Check · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub) has two different failure modes, one of which is useful, the other less so:

  • In a PR context, you’d get the PR decoration, which is helpful. You’re one click away from looking at the detailed analysis.

  • But In a non-PR context, you’re basically left with no information about what actually failed.All there is, is the message Quality Gate has FAILED. No decoration, no clickable link to the detailed analysis. . You must go to sonarcloud.io, look for your project, and open the last long-lived branch analysis. This is not very user friendly.

Did I miss something?

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Hi @pebble_statue and thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:
I don’t think you’re missing anything. It’s true to say that this Quality Gate Action has been designed originally to be use in conjonction with PR decoration.
I agree with you that at least a link to the analysis results could be useful.

Btw, how do you consult those logs? Do you just read the logs of the analysis or using an external tool whatsoever?
Is a link to the analysis results page enough for you?

I’ll create a ticket anyway to improve that :wink:

Christophe - DevOps platforms PM