After upgrading to 9.9, analysis takes a long time

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  • What version are you upgrading from? 8.9
  • What’s the issue you’re facing?
    Users are complaining that after upgrading to 9.9, analysis takes a long time & log size is big.

Prod is 10 mins
Dev is 40 mins
Reports are generated in dev but they want to know why its taking longer time to run the analysis!

What database server is backing your SonarQube instance?

Hi Colin,

We are using Postgres DB!

When user is running the analysis in Sonar Dev, the console logs runs until it reaches 2 GB and then it crashes the browser. When tried to enable debugging mode, it reaches 2.5 GB of data.
User is getting below error: Cannot read more than 2Gib at a time

Concern has been raised that its because of the upgrade that logs files are increased as many parameters are being analyses!
Do we have any means to reduce the logs or is it because since he is running in dev for 1st time it might happen.

Hey there.

I’m getting a bit confused.

Which log file are you talking about? What is being logged?

I would also like to point you to this guide:

Hi Colin,

Am referring to the logs in the user side but not on Postgres or Sonar.
After users runs his analysis, log size is getting bigger. Do we have any parameters to be added to reduce the logging when running the analysis to generate the report in Sonar. USer is using Jenkins, when asked to use Sonar dev for UAT testing, he complains that logs are increased!

Hey there.

It’s still not clear which logs. Can you provide an example? Screenshot?

Hi Colin,

These logs are not from Sonar server or Database.
One user has raised a concerns that after upgrading our Sonar in Dev, when running analysis in Jenkins will generate logs in Jenkins console. The logs size is larger than 2 GB after performing the upgrade. Wheras there were few parameters that he mentions are new in console output in Jenkins. Does Sonar upgradehave any impact in Jenkins console log size exceeding 2 GB!

This looks like somebody has DEBUG-level logs turned on in their Ant build ant -v or ant -verbose. SonarQube shouldn’t have any impact here.