Server side analysis slow after update from v9.9.1 LTS to v10.5.1 (Enterprise)

Hi there,

  • Enterprise Edition v10.5.1 (90531) with the following additional plugins:
    • Checkstyle 10.17.0
    • Dependency-Check 5.0.0
    • Groovy 1.8
    • OpenID Connect Authentication for SonarQube 2.1.1
    • YAML Analyzer 1.9.1
  • Custom Docker image (JDK 17)
  • Database PostgreSQL 16
  • We monitor the JRE metrics in Kubernetes using jmx_exporter and heap max size of CE is 2.5 GB, usage is only between 10% and 60%. The pod requests 12G and 4 CPUs.

I looked into the background_tasks:

Android project (236k LOC):

  • v9.9.1 LTS analysis times between 1m and 2m15s-
  • v10.5.1 analysis time between 5m15s and 6m45s.

Spring-Boot Service II (1.8k LOC):

  • v9.9.1 LTS analysis times between 2s and 4s.
  • v10.5.1 analysis time between 4s and 6s.

Spring-Boot Service II (31k LOC):

  • v9.9.1 LTS analysis times between 6s and 16s.
  • v10.5.1 analysis time between 17s and 1m28s.

Any hints are very appreciated.
Best Regards

Have you run a VACUUM FULL ANALYZE against the Postgres database?

Thanks @Colin for the suggestion (and the link). Funnily that came to my mind shortly before you replied. I will take a look whether it gets better and come back with results. The DB lookos ± idle, though.

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Yesterday I just executed VACUUM ANALZYE, I now see that you suggested a FULL vacuum. Will try that today after office hours.

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I think, we have another issue. Before we had SonarQube within a single node Kubernetes K3S running on a dedicated KVM under our control, the DB was already the same.

Now we moved to a managed company K8S cluster so the data directory used for e.g. ES8 storage is not a host directory anymore but CEPH based :frowning:

So we won less machine operating and OS updating but lost performance.