Analysis report processing takes too long for some projects

Community Edition Version 8.9 (build 43852)

We upgraded to SonarQube 8.9LTS on Oct 16. All was good until October 29 when we noticed that analysis times for some projects were taking longer than normal times (we checked previous times in the Project Background Tasks). As an example, a project master branch that normally would take 2.50mins last week was taking between 15 – 16mins on October 29.

In searching the e Compute Engine logs for those projects, we noticed that the “Execute component visitors" step was taking 75% of time. In project example mentioned above the step took 14.31mins. We noticed the same for other projects that are taking a long time to execute.

Due to the above, there were over 584 Pending Background Tasks at a certain point. We restarted the SonarQube service, but we are still facing the issue.

Could you please guide us on how we can resolve this issue.



With your upgrade, did you perform the DB housekeeping described in the docs?


Hi Ann,

We did not perform the VACUUM FULL.


Hi Patricia,

Could you try that?