After upgrade - Since days: Results are temporarily unavailable. Indexing of issues is in progress

After upgrade SonarQube hangs in “temporary state”

  • Version SonarQube Community 8.5.1 (upgraded from 8.3)
  • Upgrade was made on Friday afternoon, but even Monday noon we receive Results are temporarily unavailable. Indexing of issues is in progress. when hitting the “Issues”-Tab on the top menu bar.
  • Another issue: All projects are grayed out (about 180 small or medium size, rarly large ones) like “CZone” - except for re-runned project (like “DesingSystem”):
  • When re-running the build steps / analysis of a project, the project become available again - with all history data
  • Steps we did: Upgrade from to 8.5.1 (build 38104) - launching the website as an administrator by the upgrade notes

I assume that the indexing process the message claims about did not run oder stoped some how…Any chance to restart this process?

Hello @DominikTouring!

First of all indexing of the issues is an async progress, running in the background, so it can take time to make all of the project issues indexed (depending on size).

Secondly, what is the status of the banner at the top of the page? Is it yellow or red? Is the status bar progressing at all?

Thirdly, could you please check background tasks status to see if there are any tasks which are in ‘pending’, ‘in progress’ or ‘failed’ (Administration -> Projects-> Backgroud Tasks)?

Hi @jacek.poreda

  1. Well this state is now since a week. The projects are relativly small. (Most of them are S-Size) and only a few L-Size
  2. I don’t know what you mean by the banner at the top of the page. I don’t see any status bar.
  3. The page looks pretty normal, the top navigation bar is black.
  4. Is there a way, to restart this indexing process?

Thank you,

Yes, you can restart indexing by deleting data folder located in: $SQ_HOME/data/es6