After updating to get 404 trying to get Measures

Edition: SonarQube Developer Edition
Deployed via zip

On any measures page I get “request failed” and in the JS console I see a 404 for

Hey there.

Our old version was:

Nothing in the logs stood out to me. I have uploaded the access log (the only modified log file) from my attempt to reload the measures page.

measures_page_reload.logs.txt.log (19.1 KB)

Well, the 404 doesn’t show up here. :confused: So I’m not sure the request is making it to SonarQube! Do you have anything in between (reverse proxy, load balancer) that could be returning the 404?

There is nothing in front of the SonarQube server.
The query URL is too long by a few characters

This stack overflow answer solved my problem (edit the web config file to allow longer)

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Whatever you set up the web.config for, that’s what’s in front of the SonarQube server. :slight_smile:

Glad the issue is solved.