Adding members to sonarcloud project

Hey, how can I add new project members to my open-source project built with SonarCloud? I seem to belong to an organization called attic, but can’t manage that myself. Should I somehow create a new organization or is it up to the manager of attic?

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Hi Ilkka,

To add members to an organization, you can do it from the “Members” tab. Full details here:

About “attic” organization, it seems that someone added you to their organization, if in fact you are not able to manage it (I assume by this you can’t add members or see the “Administration tab”).

In any case, to add a project in SonarCloud, it needs to be in the same repository organization in GitHub, Bitbucket, etc. tied to your SonarCloud organization.

So you probably need to create a new organization by clicking in the “+” on the top right. If you need some guidance our documentation should help:

Hope this helps.

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Hey Luis,

Thank you so much for your help. I understand it a bit better now and it seems that I can’t add members to this ‘attic’ organization. Can I somehow leave this organization and will everything still work after I’ve done that?

You mentioned that I should probably create a new organization to be able to manage my team. When I start that process the following screen pops up.

Since I don’t have a proper organization in Github for this collaboration, should I pick the ‘create an organization manually’ option?