Add UPDATE_DATE To WebAPI Filter Parameters

Add UPDATE_DATE (updateDate) to WebAPI Filter Parameters (similar to creationDate - createAfter, createdAt, createdBefore, createdInLast) to support audit filtering such as updateDate, updateAfter, updateAt, updateBefore and updateInLast parameters.

Will help us to limit resource utilization for audit processing. Creation Date does not fully help filtering for auditing purposes.

Hi Brian,

Are you referring to a specific API endpoint?
Also, can you please tell me more about what you are trying to achieve?


Yes, the API endpoints. I want to create a feed to go to an offline logger that collects the latest changelog entries.

For auditing, if I were to want to audit the changelog for changes in the last few days, I would have to first get the issues collection. Unfortunately, I can only retrieve by createdDate and not by the updateDate.

Ideally, I could sort the issues by updateDate (asc=false) and then go grab the related changelogs.

There’s just a few parameters missing to achieve this. Unless there’s another way…

For HotSpots, there is an Activity section which provides some insights. For Issues, this isn’t the case. In addition, if both areas were able to provide complete before/after change history that could suffice as a work around. The API driving this would support my need, as well.

Yeah, I’ve been working some options most of the day… Because of the number of records we’re pushing through, the current query parameters will not enable us to perform the following use case:

AS AN Auditor, I WANT to determine if a change to the Issue Type or Issue Severity between specific timeframes SO THAT the action may be flagged or Comments evaluated.

AS AN Auditor, I WANT to be able to pull change history from any issue updated between specific timeframes SO THAT I may review activity according to policies.

At this time, I cannot even come close to make this happen. When a user makes a change to an existing issue, within moments, the 10000 record limit is hit by other created issues. We subsequently lose the ability to audit that change! This is an insane limitation. We really need to get grass-roots support for an Issues updateDate filter similar to the same features that createDate has.

If we could query changelogs by something different than the issue key, that might help… but that would possibly hose up some of your schema model.

FYI: @ganncamp

Hey @Chris, any update on this?

Hi Brian,

Thanks for sharing these explanations.
We took note of it. It’s not planned at short-term, but we are keeping track of the need.


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This would be outstanding @Chris

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