Get changed issues by sonarqube web-api

For a project I need to get the changed SonarQube issues with a time range of specific dates. Is there a way to get only the changed issues based on time range? In the web-api documentation, I only see filter parameters for the created date. Im on version 8.2 (build 32929) Community


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Sorry but as you’ve seen, there’s no updated parameter.


@ganncamp Thank you for your answer! Is there an other way to do this without getting all the issues first and filtering afterwards?


I’m not aware of one. TBH, this one’s going to be tough if you really want changed issues since I don’t think we really record that. I believe you’re going to need to look at each issue’s changelog.


@ganncamp, from an audit perspective, I really believe this feature is important.

Right now, I and other users cannot develop a feed to off-line loggers reliably. Having API which allows pulling records sorted and filtered by the update date seems to be a basic, must-have sort of capability. I’ve added a suggestion in the past (below), but would really like to see if we can get some support generated around this.

Add UPDATE_DATE To WebAPI Filter Parameters - Suggest new features - SonarSource Community