Add project to Sonarqube via visual studio

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Sonarqube version : 7.1
Integration : Visual Studio 2017

Issue: I was following this guide to BIND my project to Sonarqube, but I don’t have a project in Sonarqube to BIND my project too. How do I add a project to Sonarqube using Visual Studio?

Can someone please help and share the details on how to do it.

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The only way to operate in connected mode is if you have a project on SonarQube to bind to, and that creation cannot happen through Visual Studio itself.

Depending on the permissions on your SonarQube instance, you may be able to get that project created from your first analysis of the source code (, or your instance may require that an administrator (or another user with the appropriate access) create the project (

Once the project is created, through either method, you can bind to that project using SonarLint and take advantage of connected mode.

I’d also make sure you’re looking at the latest documentation, but I’m unable to link to it as I’ve already included two links in this post. Google “sonarlint visual studio” and the first link will take you to the right place.


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Hi Colin

I am so grateful that you responded. With your advice I was able to get it right.

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Thank you very much Nicolas.

I followed the thread, I am able to link the project also… But I am not able to see any issue in sonar cloud… could you help?

Hello, please see my answer on your other topic.