Sonarlint syncing a project is not displaying in Sonarcloud

Sonarlint syncing a project is not displaying in Sonarcloud
in sonarcloud i seee no issues. I see below message

" Simply follow the guide to integrating with Azure DevOps Services."

Visual studio bind show the below message
Binding solution to SonarQube project: Download quality profile(s):
Successfully downloaded quality profile. Name: ‘Sonar way’, Key: ‘AXAgSYHfVQ_rw-dzqXXg’, Language: ‘C#’
INFO: SonarLint connected mode no longer installs the analyzers NuGet packages. The analyzers embedded in the VSIX are used instead.
Binding solution to SonarQube project: Generating project rule sets
Ruleset binding: the following projects already reference the generated ruleset:
Agero.VimsDashboard.Api, Agero.VimsDashboard.Authorizer
Binding solution to SonarQube project: Completed successfully
Suppressions have been updated. Open documents will be re-analysed.
Connected mode detected.
Starting job: “re-analyzing 0 document(s)…”. Time: 11:35:57 AM
Finished job “re-analyzing 0 document(s)…” started at 11:35:57 AM. Elapsed time: 0ms
Checking for suppressions…
Number of suppressions found: 0

What am i missing here?

Hello, welcome to the community!

SonarLint is an IDE extension that will flag issues directly in your source code as you type. It is not meant as a way to publish analysis results to SonarCloud.

What SonarLint’s connected mode with SonarCloud gives you is the ability to synchronize settings and hide false positives.

In order to publish analysis results to SonarCloud, its documentation lists a few options for you to integrate in your build process, depending on which build tool, CI system and/or ALM you use.

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thanks a lot … that helped … i tried using SOnascanner for msbuid in

I update my to… still when i run “dotnet sonarscanner begin /k:”AMD”” I get this error ” Failed to request and parse ‘http://localhost:9000/api/server/version’:”

Where did i miss? please help

I could run sonarscanner…

when I run end command it is showing “Calling the SonarQube Scanner…
The SonarQube Scanner has finished”…

However I can not see results in Sonarcloud. it is still showing that project is not configured.

Do you get any message that looks useful in your build console?

Usually, when something goes wrong (e.g with authentication, network issues), you should find relevant info in the MSBuild logs. Please feel free to share relevant extracts from your build log, inside a preformated block (using the ``` characters).